Sunday, April 12, 2009

Last Day

Thursday was my last day at Greentree. : ( It was such a good day. They threw me a surprise going away party. It was super sweet! I had the whole day of full teaching then the last hour we had the party. We had ice cream sundaes and they presented me with flowers and my going away present which is absolutely AMAZING! It is everything I could dream of. They gave me gift cards to office depot, office max and Barnes and noble, tucked away in a basket FULL of goodies! It was like heaven or Christmas for a teacher! It has posters, markers, pencils, stickers, thumb tacks, sticky tac, border supplies, decorations for your classroom! All sorts of stuff! Here is a picture of my flowers and the basket. Since my kids got me flowers Justin got me beautiful plant. It has white blooms on it. I cant wait for them to start blooming. I keep telling him it is our "love fern" : )

I will miss my kids and Alice terribly! I think I might actually miss Alice more than the kids. I don't know what I am going to do without her! I was so blessed to have her as my mentor and she will always ALWAYS have a special special place in my heart. The past 60 days have been the best days of my life and the best start to a blossoming teaching career! The kids also made me homemade cards and I cried so hard when I read it...It began... "Good Times" - you taught us, you helped us, you tested us, you read to us, but most of all you loved us and we love you. I cried so hard as I read it. I think it was so rough because I was sitting in our rocking chair and all the kids were circled around me hugging me reading the card together. Ugh...I cry even now thinking about it.

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