Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rejoice and Be Glad In It!!

For those of you who read Angies blog- (Side Bar: Bring the Rain) perhaps you have clicked this link and seen this- however if you haven't go read her blog. She is in India serving on a Compassion Mission Trip. Her writing is amazing as usual- she is such a vessel for the Lord and has really made me think. However, I clicked on Petes blog and began reading but I soon clicked on the youtube video which was on his blog- this little boy lives in what Mother Theresa called "Hell on Earth" and listen to him sing.....

We are blessed to live in America and have wonderful lives where our biggest issue maybe who left the coffee pot on or the likes but this little boy whose life is obviously so difficult found hope that today is the day that the Lord has made- LET US REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Got this text- had to share....

"It was once said that a black man would be president when pig flew.
Well behold 100 days into his presidency...swine flu!!!


A real wedding at Shady Oaks...isnt it beautiful!?!
I can hardly wait!!
79 days!
This picture is from their website.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I maybe finished but...

Though I maybe finished with Student Teaching I am still a teacher and have still been busy reading the bluebonnet books for next year. I have been slacking however and have only finished two more. However, I was excited I was finished with student teaching and started reading like 7 at once and my library fine was increasing daily so I returned them all and finished two I had. (Tomorrow I must go back and get two more- I only have 7 left till I have read all 20)

The Gollywhopper Games and Suprises for Humphery--
Both excellent books. Gollywhopper Games would be upper grade level- it had a lot of logic puzzles in it and the Humphery was cute. Humphery was the classroom hamster who tried to solve all of the kids problems in his cage. Both were cute!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm a teacher!!!


It is done.

Stitches @ the Dentist

This morning I had to go to the dentist to get a new crown which is scary and awful in the first place but to make matters worse...I tried to swallow while they were working and the drill took a giant chunk out of the underside of my tongue. Suddenly they started freaking out- the assistant ran and got some scissors and before I knew it they were stitching the bottom of my tongue back together! So now that its not numb anymore I cant eat, swallow or talk. It is absolutely AWFUL! She said my stitches will dissolve in THIRTY days!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pictures of Saturday

*Try the link now- before it didnt work- it should work now**

I will post more but for is the link for the pictures that were taken on my camera by the lovely Ms. Ashley Bunce! I am so happy she was my camera girl or I wouldn't have had any on my camera! Thanks again!! xoxoxo Anyways, Ill write more later but here is the link:

then click on the first album on the first row entitled: Couples Shower

Love yall!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

So many people have different things they do each week on their blog so I decided to do my own- I like "Truthful Tuesdays" but since its Wednesday and I want to start now I came up with "Wonderful Wednesdays" and it is going to be my time to say things I am thankful for and blessed with. So many times life gets so busy and so stressful we need to stop and think about how much we have to be thankful for.
  1. I am marrying my best friend and soul mate in 87 days.
  2. I love my puppy, Pip.
  3. I have a wonderful family who has been so supportive and loving during the stressful times of planning our wedding!!
  4. 4. I am about to go shopping for ribbon, thank you notes and my bridal book!!

So everyone on this Wonderful Wednesday have a SPECTACULAR day!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Elissa picked up Sprinkles today and she and Sam came directly over here so I could meet the little girl an see how absolutely ADORABLE she is! She is such a little puff ball. She looks like a black little chick. She is a Pomeranian and is going to be a little puff ball for her whole life! She was so cute! Pip was very interested and was worried he was getting replaced. He insisted I hold him the whole time!!

Here Comes the Bride...

Yesterday the rain was horrible, but the bride, Amanda was going to walk down the isle rain or shine. I drove over to Sabrina's and quite a few times I thought I wasn't going to make and was going to have to turn around or stop because the rain was so terrible- but I made it and Sabrina and I were off to the wedding. We took the scenic route and got to wedding at exactly 2pm. We hurried and sat in the back. The wedding was beautiful. She was sooo soooo happy! She was an absolutely beautiful bride. After the wedding we drove to the reception and when you walked in this is what you saw....HEAVEN! A candy bar!

Sabrina and I were all over it!! : )
Daddy- Daughter DanceThis is Amanda's Delta Gamma Family

Sabrina & I

Elissa & I

Sabrina & Amanda

Amanda & I

Melissa & I

It was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride. It makes me even more excited than before to think we only have 90 days until I also will be a blushing bride waiting to marry the man of my dreams!!

Coley Roley Poley

We had the first little baby in the apartment. We set up a temporary nursery in the extra room and gave him a bath! He is also learning how to go potty on the big boy potty and he was so proud!! I'll let the pictures explain the fun we had...
He was so excited he just ran around the apartment. When I tired to make him go to sleep he wasn't having it. I would lay down and pretend to go to sleep and he would crawl up next to me on the floor and ask me to go to sleep! It was a fun night. He is getting to the age where he is so much fun. It is crazy to think I met Pamela when he was only like 5-6 months old! Now he is such a big boy!!

Update on the Apt.

So much has been going on and it is finally Sunday and I can relax and catch everyone up on what has been going on! I went to College Station last week and went to the College Station sub orientation. However, I forgot my passport and social sercurity card so I have to go back but thankfully as soon as I give them my card I will be put in the system since I already attended the orientation. I also went to Allen Academy and met with the head master so I could also start subbing there. Once I was finished with job hunting and sub finding I started playing with the apartment again. It still does not look finished AT ALL- but I am working on making a bachelor pad of 3 years and a college girl of 4 years look like a married couples home : ) I went shopping and got some more things for the apt. and hung some things on the wall. Here is what it is looking like...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thin Veneers

Many times you come home to find mom sitting on the computer and when asked how long she has been there no one really knows because she has been there so long...well..tonight I walked in and stole the computer from her (my laptop is in the process of dying slowly). Once she gave up her throne I read what she was reading and watched the youtube video that went along with it. The writer of this is so true. The following comes from "Lyn's Lifepixels- What Else Are We Missing Out On" Friday, April 17, 2009 What Else Are We Missing Out On? Photo: The Telegraph

She is the top "trending topic" on Twitter and she is popping up all over the Internet and TV. She dreamed and dream - and it came true. Ask anyone who has viewed the You Tube video of Susan Boyle singing on Britain's Got Talent, and they will probably say they were moved to tears. I have watched the video many times over the past week - alone and with other people - and I admit my eyes welled up to overflowing almost every time I saw it.

I thought I was crying because I was witnessing someone extraordinary realizing a lifelong dream. I thought I was moved by the unexpected. But after soul searching this one, I think I discovered that I was was crying because I was ashamed - not so much personally - but on more of a societal level. Have we become so shallow and obsessed with packaging over substance that we discount and overlook anything - anyone - not deemed beautiful? Very telling.

This woman with her bushy eyebrows, unfashionable attire and winning smile had the gumption to walk boldly on stage - apparently unaware of the unspoken code - and share her gift.

At that moment she exposed us all. The hauntingly angelic strains were in stark contrast from the packaging of the person singing them. Why is it so unexpected? Do we think only beauty begets beauty? The more I heard her speak with her gentle spirit, humility, and simple authenticity, the more beautiful she became.

If we don't see past the superficial, thin veneers, it makes me wonder what else we are missing out on.

I've heard God works through people. I think that if Susan Boyle had no greater purpose in life than those few minutes which millions around the planet witnessed one of life's most powerful lessons - that would be enough. She is angel with a message - and an angelic voice - not to be missed.

I personally walk away from reading/writing this and ask myself.."What else am I missing out on?"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I called today and set up my screening interiew for College Staion ISD. The woman said I was in luck because they were all full and he had said he wasnt taking anymore interviews but just this morning opened another afternoon for interviews! So...May 5th at 1:15pm I will be going in for my screening interview! I am super excited. I know that this is just another step but I believe it is a God thing that he opened another day for interviews. I keep telling myself God will provide and he will and does. YIPPIE!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Saturday we drove to Kingwood to spend some time with my sister and Roy and my parentals. We got here and relaxed for a little while then Justin and I went shopping to the mall where we picked up the cookie cake for Justin & Jessicas birthday. And also picked up a little present for Jessica from both of us. We got home and mom had gotten everything ready to dye Easter eggs. This is a family tradition around here, and you are never too old for that. Even if you throw the Easter eggs away in a few days, you MUST dye eggs. The Easter bunny had come early and made two baskets full of all kinds of candy. The Easter bunny decided to do couples baskets. He knows us so well. ; ) So we dyed Easter eggs with designs on them, all of our monograms (JRR, LKJ, KHM), crosses and two birthday eggs for the birthday kids!
After we finished dying the eggs we all went back in the backyard. Pip is learning how to play fetch (I am just working on the whole release thing- he likes to hold onto it) Dad started grilling out and we all just chilled in the backyard for awhile. The weather was so pretty and we decided it would probably be the last time we could comfortably sit and eat outside. So we ate dinner then had cake and ice cream and opened presents-
After dinner and presents we went inside and watched Marley & Me. It was such a good movie, however, I balled the whole end of the movie and when it went off. Not the best movie to watch 3 weeks after the loss of my baby boy. Sunday morning we went to church and had a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Overall it was a wonderful Easter Weekend. I got to see Justin THURSDAY-SUNDAY that's an extra day than usual! I have to take what I can get. : ) I am making appointments and getting stuff done for the rest of the week! YIPPIE!! I am done and can do what I need to get done before 3:30 everyday!
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