Monday, June 29, 2009

Mutt Monday

Through friends blogs I found Mutt Monday at so enjoy!!

Pip & his brother Carter at 1 month old in a church at the flower shop! Can you find them? Now look at what the little rascal has become...

I posted 5 new blogs about this weekend- make sure you check all those out!!

Last Night Out

This part of the evening was also a lot of fun! I can't pick just one part of the weekend that was my favorite because everything was so wonderful!!! We started out at the Corner where we all took up three tables and all chilled and talked with each other. We started to get jittery though and decided we would go to Daisy Dukes and go dancing!! I am a horrible dancer but I had so much fun! Carla has moves I've never seen!!! It was so so so much fun! My feet still hurt today from dancing so much!! We stayed at Daisy Dukes until it closed and headed home and finally hit the sack at around 4am!! I was exhausted but had so so so so much fun!! We decided that now on any time we go out we are just going to put a veil on someones head- it was so much fun! I accidentally left my camera at the apartment for this part of the night so I don't have that many pictures from this part but it was a blast!! Now there is only 19 days left until the wedding and I can't believe it is going to be here before I know it! Today I went and picked up Justin's ring!! I love it! Can't wait for him to have to wear it every day! : ) I am going to be Mrs. Lauren Knight before we know it!!

Lingerie Shower

The clubhouse at the apartment looked amazing! They decorated everything and set out everything and it was awesome!! We had an amazing cake from Sweet Memories and amazing cupcakes from Sprinkles!! We also had fruit dip, brownies, punch, all sorts of sweets! It was my kind of shower! : )I cut the cake and we started eating while Kimberly started the question game. Kimberly had emailed Justin some questions about himself and about us and about him and I had to guess his answers! We rocked! We knew each other so well. I would say something and it would be like quoted like what he one for example... "What was your first date?" I said, "The movies & I made Chelsea come with us!" Justin's answer: "The movies, I guess and she made Chelsea come with us" We are talior made for each other! I love it! After the question game we played a few more games, opened lingerie, ate some more and then headed out to North Gate for the rest of the night! Sorry cant share a lot of pictures from this part of the night... ; )

Dinner @ Atami Steak & Shushi

Dinner was so much fun! We all sat at the Hibachi tables & had two chefs because there were so many of us! We had a blast! One of the chefs even let me help with cooking dinner. I got up to help him and he told me okay make a line of sesame seeds over the rice. I did. He said, "Congratulations- thats what we call Sesame Street!" hahaWe took these pictures before everyone got there so there are a few people missing! Dinner was a blast and I think a good time was had by all! After dinner we took some more pictures outside by the fountain...After dinner it was off the apartment complex to have the lingerie shower!!


Saturday morning arrived and we got busy...we headed to the nail place for our pedicure appointments at 10! I wore my "BRIDE" tank top that Colleen let me borrow from her. I was so excited to be getting my toes done as the "bride" its different than just getting your toes done! : ) After toes we went and ate lunch at Laynes- I know not very "bridal" but thats what I wanted. Everyone thought we were going to a deli or something but I decided I wanted fried chicken! haha!After we ate we headed back to the apartment, did some cooking before heading to the pool!! After the pool we all showered and got ready for dinner, where our night would begin!


Oh Wow- Where to begin!? This weekend was such a blast! I haven't had that much fun with all my girls in I don't know how long!! It was absolutely amazing!! Friday Justin & Kason left to go on their adventure to Lake Charles while Jessica & I got to cleaning (you know the mirrors, the window seals-Jessica said I haven't gotten into wife mode) After we cleaned we headed to the grocery store and Carla met us there. After grocery shopping we unloaded everything and headed to Ninfa's for dinner. A bunch of stuff ended up coming up with some of the girls & so it ended up just being Me, Colleen, Carla & Jessica! After dinner we went back to the apartment to pick up Elissa while Colleen went and got Pamela. We got to the movie, My Sisters Keeper, just in time but since it was opening night we were unable to sit together since there was now 6 of us. But it was okay. The movie was very dissapointing- they might as well have called it something completely different- it was so different from the book, I was very upset about it. NOTHING was the same- the whole movie everyone was annoyed at me because I kept telling them, "thats not true" "who is he? he isnt in the book" I thought they were going to slap me! : ) We came home and got to work putting labels on water bottles, putting candy in the favor, and figuring out what was going to go where. Just this night alone was so much fun! Just being with my sister, my cousin and my future sister-in-law was so much fun! We stayed up really late as is and then once Carla & I got into bed we ended up staying up another hour chatting with each other. Saturday came too early...but I was happy for it to arrive...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Much Fun!

Yesterday I had my bridal portraits! They were so so so so so much fun! I loved it! Ragan came with my mom and me. My mom still is talking about how wonderful Ragan was to come with us! We had so much fun! We took some inside, some outside, some in all different sorts of poses! : ) Oh I wish I could show everybody! I hate not being able to share!! I know...only 23 days left!

Thank you Ragan. I could not ask for a better sister-in-law.

Sorority Sisters first,
Friends second,
Sisters forever!
Thank you thank you!
Love you so much!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yeah Yeah!

I am so so excited! Everything is happening and it is getting so close! Everyday something seems to be going on and Mom and I have been getting things accomplished everyday!! YIPPIE!! I am so excited because tomorrow at 11 am I am getting my hair done, then my make up at 1pm then going to my BRIDAL PORTRAITS at 5pm! I am so excited! When I did my senior portraits in high school it was so much fun so I am sure my bridal portraits will be even more fun than senior portraits! I am so excited also because not only my friend but my future sister, Ragan is going to come with my mom and I! I am so excited that she wants to come with us! I am sure she will help give good ideas of poses and we will just have fun! So pray that the heat isnt TOO TOO bad! :) Thats why we are waiting until 5 to do them. We are having them taken at I am so excited. It is my perfect location and will be wonderful!

So after tomorrow which I am sure will be a whirl wind day I am going back to College Station on Thursday to get everything ready for this weekend (you know, grocery shop, hang up the new shower curtain and rugs, unpack some more wedding presents, make the apartment look girly). Then Friday the fun begins...Friday my sister, bridesmaids, and a few other of my friends are coming in and we are going to go to dinner and go see My Sisters Keeper (opening night- can hardly wait!). Then Saturday we are getting pedicures, eating lunch and laying out before we get ready to have fun at dinner/lingerie shower/going out! OH I am so so excited!

Okay dinner is ready I must go! : ) YEAH YEAH!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Papa Bear, Daddy-O, Dad, Pops...the list could go on. We all have special names for the special man in our lives, our father. On this father's day I just wanted to express my thankfulness and love for my dad, who watches sermons on repeat, does the roger rabbit in the kitchen to his famous peace sign in almost every picture. Thanks daddy for being the Godly leader in our family always choosing to do whats right and leading the way for all of us to follow.
like I said always with the peace sign

Love you Daddy- Thanks for letting me be your princess! : )

Friday, June 19, 2009

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

This is what I have to look forward too... Justin asleep on the couch

Pip asleep under the coffee table

While Justin was at work today I called some schools only to find out that all Bryan ISD schools are closed on Fridays during the summer. I also cleaned the apartment, did some laundry, unpacked and organized some more of our presents! I can NOT believe that the wedding is only 29 days away and at the end of it all this wont be what I have to look forward too this will be my everyday life and oh how I CAN NOT wait!! However, the whole 11 days on 3 days off SUCKS! I hate weekends when he is working!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What to Say...

I have been slacking in the blogger world lately...due to business and due to a lack of words.

Yesterday I went to the florist and then went and got my trial hair do! I loved it! I cant wait! I felt like a such a bride. I tried on my dress, jewelry, and veil all with my hair done! It was perfect!

Today I have been job hunting again, about to go get my nails done, and go the book store. I love love love Stormie Omartian books. I have learned so much and continue to learn more each day. I currently am still reading The Power of Praying Through the Bible (amazing!) and The Power of a Praying Wife. I am going to get the Power of a Praying Woman today with my Barnes and Noble gift card. I highly suggest these books to all women (and men) out there. I just read a little each night. The Power of Praying Through the Bible is more of a devotional that is just a page each day where the other books are more of a read. I love them!

Hebrews 4:16
Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need

Exodus 14:14-15
Moses answered the people, "Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today...14 The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Young Conservative Anthem

Dad wanted me to share this with all my blogger friends....

So Much..

Today was awesome...Mom and I went to Shady Oaks and got so so so much accomplished. All the centerpieces are picked out, the details, the menu, met with the DJ, every little detail you could think of down the car we arrive the wedding just needs to get here!!

1 month and 7 days.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


38 days
a little bit of
but mostly
going to pick up Wedding Dress from Alterations to schedule bridal protraits, trial hair, trial make-up, get Justins wedding gift, finish thank you notes...the list goes on...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shower #2

After the wedding on Saturday we spent the night at Brad & Ragan's then got up early and headed back to Kingwood for the Sunday shower. However, when we got to Kingwood we were locked out of the house because the family had gone to church and didn't leave me a key. So Justin and I sat out back on the patio and discussed our future plans and life! It was nice to have a few moments to just sit and talk about our future instead of constantly running which it seems like we are doing. I keep telling myself and Justin that once the wedding is over we will be able to breathe but not until then because there will be something going on either with work or the wedding or the new house every weekend! CRAZY- but fun! I am trying to enjoy every moment and not stress. Anyways, back to Sunday...the family got home and we had lunch and got ready for the shower before we headed over to the Parkers a few minutes early to take pictures.The hostess, Grandma & MeI am so lucky to be so close to my cousins. I don't have a very big immediate family but my cousins are like my sisters (considering I only have three boy cousins on both sides of the family). It is rare that cousins would live down the street from each other and be best friends our whole lives and be family! I guess when God wouldn't let mom and dad have any more babies after me, he knew I would have my cousins close by and be able to have 3 more sisters.We missed you Erinie! : )

After everyone started getting there we chatted and ate some food before I got started on opening our mirage of presents again! : )A lot of my sorority sisters made it and I was super thankful! My whole family was there! My big, little and twin!! : )After presents everyone hung out and chatted before the boys arrived again. I just felt like a little girl both Saturday and Sunday when Justin would walk in the door. I would just get so excited and giddy I couldn't help but smile! I am soo happy!! I can't wait to be married!!
Sunday was a beautiful shower! I am very very lucky and blessed to have these people in my life who wanted to throw a beautiful Bridal Shower!! Thank you to everyone!! Words can't express my thanks for everything!! xoxo

p.s. all the pictures from the showers are on the link called "Wedding Pictures" on the right hand side
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