Friday, February 17, 2012

32 Weeks

Week 32

Size of the baby: a jimaca, (whatever that is) 4.5 pounds, 19 inches

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +11

Maternity Clothes: yup. Got two new dresses and a new top this week! Justin and I have been so blessed with people letting me borrow their maternity clothes that I really haven't had to purchase that much- other than pants and even then my cousins dress pants have been a life saver. So I got a new dress for the shower on Saturday & a new dress for my work shower. : ) 

Gender: our little man

Movement: like crazy. I play him music from my phone all the time. Its crazy. I need Justin to video it one night. My whole phone moves all around. He likes classical, Christina Perry but his favorite is Tao Cruiz. : ) I used to think he moved all the time- HA! He moved earlier on but now he is squirming like crazy. All the time! 

Sleep: terrible this week due to heartburn & getting more difficult to roll over along with every time I roll over I have to pee.  

What I miss: not feeling so large, not being moody but mostly just excited at how close we are getting!

Cravings: applesauce- ice (which now can be attributed to being anemic-read on)- 

Symptoms: OMG- heartburn. I thought I had it bad before but Tuesday night I wanted to die. I sat up, walked around, drank water, ate Tums, everything- NOTHING worked. I was awake for two hours. Miserable. (Rosa's Taco Tuesday is to blame)Thursday night was no better than Tuesday. I was awake half the night. Finally after propping up four pillows & my snoogle pillow I was able to go back to sleep but woke up with a terrible crick in my neck. Can't win. I am super tired all the time but keep pushing through.- I'm probably tired because I can't sleep at night due to heartburn! : ) I am SUPER MOODY! Mom & Justin both say I haven't been very nice. Its like I'm PMSing all the time. (but only to them). I also get super irritated super quick. 

Big News this week:
*I got my hair cut & colored--yay! no more two toned hair
*First "tiny toes" class at hospital- it was very informative & got me even more excited- it was all about our babies care at the hospital
*Wednesday we discovered I have developed a linea nigera. EEEK!
*Thursday the doctor called and told me I am severely anemic. Wonderful right!? I had been feeling super tired but accredited it to the fact that I am in my third trimester. They said it probably was both. They called me in some prescription strength iron. : ) Gotta boost my iron! We had burgers for dinner last night and steak on Monday. More red meat for me!! 

Here is Week 32:

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Ruthie Hart said...

You look awesome!! Such a tiny little bump on a tiny little lady. So heartburn gets pretty bad? I have been experiencing it REALLY bad lately (having to leave dinners and public places because it is so bad and I am crying) and people just keep telling me it is WORSE when you are pregnant...nooooooo!!

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